Eminem Talks About Filming ‘8 Mile’ On Access Hollywood

Pat O’Brien of Access Hollywood continued his week long interview with about his new film ‘8 Mile’ on Friday. Pat asked Slim if he ever wanted to do a movie as part of a scheme, getting together with screenwriter Scott Silver to come up with the material, the long days on the set, where he’d get up at 4 AM, being physically constrained by the camera lens, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Pat O’Brien: The movie is suggested to open big in the $30 million
range. No bad for a rapper in his first film who wasn’t sure he could pull
it off.

Pat: Did you ever want to do on a movie? Did you ever say, some day
I want to be in a movie, as part of your scheme?

Eminem: My only scheme, really, was to be a rapper. You know, my life
got more interesting. You know, the idea was toyed with and just started
getting bigger and bigger, you know, more serious. I started taking it
more serious.

Pat: The next thing he knew, he’d signed on to star in “8 Mile,” a vie
based loosely on his life, penned by screen writer scott silver.

Eminem: We would get together and share stories. And, you know, he would
just be taking notes and writing it down. And made a story out of it.

Pat: Kim basinger was cast as his down-and-out mom, michelle pfeiffer
as his friend and britney murphy as his love interest. Before a frame of
film was ever shot, director curtis hanson held six weeks of rehearsals,
which has been described as an acting boot camp in detroit.

Eminem: I would get up at 4:00 in the morning. I’d be, you know, I had
to lose weight and get in shape and everything for the movie. And I’m on
the treadmill at 5:00 in the morning and I’m working out and I’m doing
my sit-ups and working out and exercising and this and that.

Pat: When filming began last year in detroit, eminem, who had never
made a movie, faced and even tougher challenge.

Eminem: The hardest part about it is the cameras are blocking me because
you got a certain amount of bounds that you can — you don’t have all the
freedom that you want, you know, like, if I went over here — you got it.

Pat: Working with a veteran cast as well as an acclaimed director that
helped. Kim basinger gave him an espoolly useful tip.

Eminem: I was freaked out about acting a little bit. I was like, when
the cameras are on and this and that —

Pat: Different than music videos, I gather, then?

Eminem: Yeah, because the movie is music is there to back you up. One
of the things that kim had told me was that she s like horrified to look
at herself, like, on camera. Like until the movie was done. And that was
one of the little hints of advice that I took from her. So I never looked
at any playbacks.

Reviewer: “8 Mile” is definitely the eminem show. This guy is good.
The most surprising thing about his performance is the soft, sensitive
side of eminem. I didn’t know he had it. The movie doesn’t quite go the
distance, though, because we’ve seen this story before. It’s a little too
familiar. It’s gritty. It’s raw. And ‘s real. And for that reason, I recommend

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