Eminem Talks Anger Management Tour

MTV’s Iann Robinson interviewed for a clip on Total Request Live on Thursday. Slim talked about the elaborate stage for his headlining role on the Anger Management Tour and joked about lip-synching his performances. Read on for a transcript.

Iann Robinson: Wha’ssup. Look who i found the man behind the “anger
management” tour the ringleaderminem how are ya.

Eminem: Good.

Iann Robinson: Good, good.

Eminem: I’m terrible.

Iann Robinson: You are terrible?

Eminem: I’m really depressed and sad.

Iann Robinson: Life is awful.

Eminem: I’m sick to my stomach about the show.

Iann Robinson: That’s good. I feel good about that.

Eminem: I’m leaving, thanks.

Iann Robinson: Don’t go anywhere. I was lookin’ at the set and from
old skool hip-hop shows this is enormously elaborate. What did you want
to do differently this time out than you have done before or seen in a
rap show?

Eminem: Well, i mean, it seems like every — every year, the hip-hop
goes even further and further, you know. There’s every era and these kids
want in see a show. We are doin’ arenas now so, i mean, you gotta. These
kids come out to see shows so you just can’t stand and rap anymore, you
know, especially venues like this. You gotta — you gotta give ’em what
they pay to see so hope flow we’ll do that.

Iann Robinson: I was extremely happy there was a lot of sort ’70s rock
feel on the new record ’cause I think that is an era of music people forget
about. Are there going to be any live instruments on stage with you at
all or all tracked or how does that work?

Eminem: No, it’s all fake.

Iann Robinson: All fake?

Eminem: Yeah. And i lip-sync.

Iann Robinson: Would you ever go out with a live band?

Eminem: Uhm, i would but i don’t know, man, I’m old skool.

Iann Robinson: I play drums.

Eminem: Oh, yeah. Okay.

Eminem: Ha-

Iann Robinson:  Obie Won off that and you play drums.

Eminem: Now that, i like. That i like.

Iann Robinson: Okay. All right. Well I’m here with the man, Marshall
Mathers, we are at the “Anger Management” tour and will jump back now to
the lovely glorious wonderful Seaside Heights.

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