Eminem Talks Candidly About Kim, Fame & Childhood

Nicola Pittam of the Sunday Mail spoke with in a very revealing interview. In regards to his decision to divorce Kim, his non-existent relationships with his mother and father, Slim admits, “To be honest, I really didn’t have much support, nobody in my family, in her family. Just a few friends. And just myself.” As for why he still hangs out in his hometown area of Sterling Heights, Michigan, Eminem explains, “I tried to stay close to home. I bought the house in Sterling Heights when I didn’t know I would be as successful as I am now. It was like, ‘I better grab this house, I don’t know if any more money is coming’. I bought the house, got it on the main road, just figuring I might get a couple of fans every once in a while. That was a big mistake. But I stayed close to home just because I’m so used to it. A lot of people don’t understand this about me.”

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