Eminem Was Real Polite For TRL Debut For ‘Without Me’

An interesting diary entry by Tim Healy, Head Writer of MTV’s Total Request Live on May 2nd, when ’s ‘Without Me’ video was premiered. Healy writes, “At noon we found out that he would be calling in to the show to talk a little bit about the new record and introduce the video. We were a little nervous for Quddus because he’s still getting his feet wet with hosting TRL and Eminem can be a really difficult person to interview. We told Q to be prepared for anything and not to let Em rattle him. Turns out Eminem was really cool to Quddus and gave him a really great interview. He had everyone cracking up when he said, ‘I like Moby, it’s just too bad nobody else does.’ Oh yeah, the producer that answered the phone when Eminem called in told me that he was all nice and polite and even said, ‘Hello there, this is Marshall Mathers. I was told to call this number for my interview.’ Classic.”

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