Eminem’s Fury Over Groupie Mix-Up

The Mirror reports was furious when a dozy receptionist interrupted a call between the rapper and his ex-wife Kim at the Landmark Hotel in London. Slim demanded that his management and entourage leave the hotel at 4am on the last day of their stay during his sold-out Anger Management Tour. “Em had steam coming out of his ears,” a spy revealed. “He was absolutely livid that his chance of improving things with Kim could have been jeopardized. She knows he’s no angel, but he’s really been making an effort recently. So he told staff in no uncertain terms that he was not happy with what had happened. He was adamant that they were going to leave right that minute, even though it was 4am. The poor receptionist looked like she was going to cry but she really should have checked before putting the call through to him. Em is trying to make things work with Kim and that was a major setback because she thought he was messing about with groupies, which wasn’t the case. In fact, while his entourage were out clubbing, he was tucked up in bed being a good boy.” Eventually he was calmed down and agreed not to leave.

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