Eminem’s Mom Mad At Kim Basinger’s Portrayal

WENN reports ’s grandmother Betty Kresin has spoken of how upset Debbie Mathers is after watching ‘8 Mile’. Kim Basinger plays her onscreen counterpart. “I know Debbie has been to see the film because she was so upset by it. Kim has a beer in her hand in the film but Debbie hardly drinks,” Kresin said. “She was unhappy about that. I’ve never seen alcohol in Debbie’s life apart from some of the low-life men she has known. Kim’s hair is so stringy in the film but Debbie always kept hers perfect. She never had one hair out of place – her kids couldn’t hug her because she was worried about her hair getting messed up. Debbie keeps her home perfectly clean, but in the film Kim’s trailer home is a complete mess. She told me Kim should have kept her hair good, her trailer clean and not drink beer. It has turned into the battle of the blondes. Marshall says at the beginning of the film that it is fictional but I can see why Debbie has taken it so personally. I can see much of it is based on his life.”

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