Eminem’s Not To Blame

Contributed Anonymously:

shouldn’t be blamed for his comments about black women. Hip-Hop should. We’ve allowed our black men and even females in the game to use those same slogans and suggestions. As an African-American community we should take the blame for Hip-hop’s negativity and stop putting it on the white boy with skillz. Benzino has nothing better to do and he’s not even all black, so stop hating. This is coming from a guy who let Lisa Raye rap! C’mon. Anyway, once Black men stand up and be real MEN and defend our black women and stop treating them like video props, then I’ll point the finger to Em. Until then, he’s just a product of TODAY’S Hip-Hop, not the old school hip-hop where women were respected and it was all about skillz, not beef and violence. I think Em should use this opportunity to do something positive.

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