Entire Eminem Album Leaked – But There’s A Catch

Well there seems little doubt that Interscope is behind the leak of all the tracks off of ‘The Show’. Problem is, each of the tracks are about 4-5 minutes of each song’s chorus looped. This actually is a smart move from the label’s perspective, as you’re going to have what amount to phony cuts that most people aren’t going to delete that will have fans tricked as to which is the real track to download when the disc does come out. The only tracks that appear to be left out are what would likely to be intro tracks (ie. track 1) or tracks so short they can’t be looped. Read on for a tentative track listing.

1. Intro (unknown)
2. White America
3. Business
4. Cleaning Out My Closet
5. Squaredance
6. Unknown
7. Soldier
8. Stimulate
9. Drips
10. Without Me
11. Unknown
12. Dream On
13. Superman
14. Hailie’s Song
15. Unknown
16. When the Music Stops
17. Say What You Say
18. Collapse
19. My Dad’s Gone Crazy

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