Eve Comments On Alleged Murder By Corey Conaway – Her Brother’s Best Friend

is speaking out after 18-year-old Corey Conaway was arrested earlier today for the brutal murder of a 68-year-old woman who was his neighbor. Conaway was burglarizing the home when the victim, Ellen Walton, walked in, according to police. Conway is the best friend of Eve’s little brother. The rapper tells her Twitter followers (@TheRealEve):

I’m sending out a prayer right now. People in Philly have most likely heard about the murder in Germantown. an 18 year old killed a 68 yr old.

The 18 yr old is Corey Conaway. I’ve known him since he was 5. He happens to be one of my little brother’s best friend’s. My heart goes out.

To Miss Walton’s family blessing’s and condolences. But also Corey and his family. Corey is an example of a young black man feeling alone like he had no one to talk to. He applied for jobs and never got a call back so he resorted to doing stupid things like stealing. The main reason I’m sending this is to say please don’t forget about your younger brothers, cousins or just young homies on the block. Unfortunately alot of these kids don’t have MEN to look up to and some one just checking in and listening or giving some positive advice could change someone’s life!!! Reach back and pull up!!!! That is our responsibility. Trust me you could make a real difference.

Sorry for the preaching :) but it’s important! blessings to all…

Trust me I’m not making excuses I just know personally because my family saw him grow up that his stupid mistake could have been avoided if things were a lil dif. These young men with no real men in their lives feel like videos and hoes and doe is what a man is and we all know it’s not!!!

Trust me I think he has to pay for what he did. And he will, burglary in to murder is crazy, but less of this kind of stuff would happen if more people reached out… TRUST DAT!!

Watch a report from MyFoxPhilly below.

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4 thoughts on “Eve Comments On Alleged Murder By Corey Conaway – Her Brother’s Best Friend

  1. cedargrove19 says:


  2. DoneSeenItAll says:

    To the comment up above.. I think that was really dumb..because first of all that’s where the kids get idea’s like that one for example from these older guys that be on the corner and the younger boy’s also have a nerve to respect them so being’s tho they do let the younger boys know that there is much more than life then what they are seeing let them know stay in school and that there’s a better way to get money the grown man way also equals the positive way..

  3. tyty says:

    To the 1st comment I could tell you not from the hood, eve I respect that and feel you my little brother wanna be a street corner boy he wants to be something he is not I try to talk to him all the time he 18 years old but he wants to hang in the street he has talent he could play ball 6 foot 7 and he wants to run the streets I feel sorry for both family

  4. saull! says:

    See I agree with Eve because I personally know Corey as well I went to high school with him and I seen all this boy had to go threw and all … I love Corey to death and if he did do it than yeah he deserves to pay for it .. but honestly I think he didn’t do it that hes just going by the “no snitching” rule that he lives by because he once said to me and a couple others “I’ll take the hit before I snitch one of my niggaz or old heads out”

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