Eve Discusses Video Production Role, ‘Here I Am’ Release Plans

spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about the active role she plays in the production of her music videos. “I feel like since it’s visual you might as well just take it there,” the rapper explained. “It’s something that somebody has to sit at home and watch, otherwise you can just listen to the record, but for me videos have to be creative. What we did for ‘Tambourine’ was something I had never done before with the colors. I knew exactly what I wanted and I wanted my video to look like candy, like you could touch it and I wanted it to be bright and visual. I feel like that’s the way videos should be. Missy [Elliott] has been doing that for years. Her videos are always amazing, creative and crazy.”

As for the release date of the new album ‘Here I Am’, Eve revealed, “It will be out this year, but we don’t have a date yet. It’s done and we finished it last year, but since we pulled it back I had time to go back in and do some more stuff and think about some other concepts which I was happy about. Now the record is a lot more cohesive and over the next couple of weeks I’ll probably go in and see which producers have what and if I hear something incredible I’ll do it, but we’re all good with the album.”

The full interview at beat.com.au has since been removed.

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