Eve Guest Hosts Total Request Live

was guest host on MTV’s Total Request Live earlier today and was sporting a custom T-shirt. Eve explained, “This actually says ‘Smack a bootlegger’, not really smack ’em but really smack ’em be aight boot-legin’ is taking everying. As artists, you know, we work really hard to make music for all of you guys and appreciate the love you give us but a lot of people goin’ out there and really it’s stealin’, that’s what it is do not support the bootleggers go in the store and buy these albums and help us out check it out that’s what it is and it’s in Newsweek to pick one up.” She later added that she wants to continue acting, “Yes, I want to continue actin’. I think it’s fun. I had a great time doing ‘Barbershop’ if you haven’t see it go see it bause it’s great movie aight.” Eve showed a sneak peak at her new video for ‘Satisfaction’ and says the whole thing will premiere next week.

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