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stopped by Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote her new movie ‘Barbershop’ and her new album ‘Evo-lution’. Eve talked about her dog paw tattoos, her nicknames, how she refers to her female friends as bitches, having male groupies, and shooting the ‘Barbershop’ film. Read on for a transcript.

Conan: My next guest tonight is a grammy award-winning rapper and an
actor. Currently, you can see her in the movie “xxx,” and beginning next
friday, you can see her in “barbershop.” Please welcome Eve.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Applause ]

Eve: Hi.

Conan: You look great.

Eve: Thank you.

Conan: You look fantastic.

Eve: Thank you.

Conan: I have to ask right away — that’s a real tattoo, right?

Eve: Yeah, that’s real.

Conan: That’s — that’s —

Eve: Dog paws.

Conan: Those are dog paws.

Eve: Right.

Conan: Okay.

Eve: Yeah.

Conan: What made you think, “I want dog paws right here”?

[ Laughter ] It worked. It looked very cool.

Eve: Well, when I was like 18, I saw a girl with some dog paws on her
leg, and I said to my friend like, “ooh, I want some dog paws.” And she’s
like, “you should put them on your chest.” And I’m like, “well, what if
they come all crooked?” And she’s like, “no, they won’T. They won’T.” So
I got them, and now —

Conan: And it works.

Eve: Yeah.

Conan: You like it.

Eve: Yeah.

Conan: Does anyone ever think it’s — you know, like you go to someone’s
house, and they don’t know you that well, and they think it’s real, that
their dog jumped up on you?

[ Laughter ] They’re rubbing away. “I’m so sorry.” Never happened yet?

[ Laughter ]

Eve: No.

Conan: It will.

[ Laughter ] You have — you like to give yourself nicknames and see
if they’ll catch on or just have people call you by that. What’s the nickname
that you’re going by now?

Eve: Well, I call myself “bombshell,” and that’s just, you know, I do
that in different songs and things like that, so that one has caught on.

Conan: That’s nice when you give yourself a cool nickname like that.
I’m always trying to get people to call me like “Senor Sexy.”

[ Laughter ] “The ice man.” And nothing. You know? You got to try harder.
Which ones have you given yourself in the — didn’t you used to call yourself
— was it “pit bull”?

Eve: “Pit bull in a skirt.”

Conan: “Pit bull in a skirt.”

Eve: And the media took it and like ran with it.

Conan: Yeah.

Eve: I don’t call myself that anymore.

Conan: Okay, you let that one go.

Eve: Yeah.

Conan: Now, of course, male rappers or rock stars, they get to have
groupies, women groupies.

Eve: Right.

Conan: You have male groupies.

Eve: Yes.

Conan: What’s that like?

Eve: Weird. They’re always willing to pull out money all the time. That’s
like — that’s how they joke, like, “here, you need a drink? Here, whatever
you want.”

Conan: That’s great.

Eve: “I got your friends. I got your friends. It’s all good.”

Conan: So if you buy furniture and there are male groupies there, and
you’re like, “I kind of like that recliner,” they’re like, “I got it. Let
me get it for you.”

[ Laughter ]

Eve: Probably.

Conan: That’s amazing.

Eve: Yeah, it’s crazy.

Conan: Do they ever give you gifts, like really big gifts?

Eve: I’ve gotten — actually, recently, a guy gave me like a diamond

Conan: Is that it?

Eve: No, this is mine.

Conan: Oh.

Eve: This is not it, but it’s just weird because I don’t even know the
guy, but, you know, it’s nice.

Conan: Well, wait.

[ Laughter ] Did you say, “I can’t accept that”?

Eve: I said, “I can’t accept this. Thank you.”

[ Laughter ]

Conan: “I really can’t take this.”

[ Applause ] “It’s really not appropriate. Thank you, bye-bye.” Wow.
I read — I don’t know if this is true. I didn’t get a chance to ask you
about it. But you proudly call yourself, refer to yourself as a bitch.

Eve: Yeah. A lot of people won’t agree with this explanation, which
this word is personal for everybody. For me, I don’t look at it negatively.
I don’t use it in a derogatory way. It’s like — it’s like a good word,
like my homey or like my girl. Like if you were my girlfriend, like my
friend —

Conan: I don’t want to be a girl.

[ Laughter ]

Eve: No, I’m just saying, you know, like a friend.

Conan: Why in role-playing am I always the girl?

[ Laughter ] All right.

Eve: But I would be like, “yo, that’s my bitch.”

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Right.

Eve: So it’s like — it’s not a negative word.

Conan: But it’s — yeah, but you got to be careful ’cause I can’t hear
that, and then be like, “hey, Eve’s okay with it.” You know? “Hi, bitch.”

[ Laughter ]

Eve: No.

Conan: “My next guest is a real bitch.”

[ Laughter ] “Here’s Eve.” “Huh? What did I do?”

[ Laughter ]

Eve: No, it’s weird. It’s hard. It’s just a personal word.

Conan: Now, what about the word I hear a lot —

bee-atch? They take it. They break it in half. They stretch it out in
the middle.


Eve: Bee-atch.

Conan: Bee-atch.

Eve: Bee-atch.

Conan: Okay, have they tried to like ever stretch it out even more,
like, “be-ee-aa-atch”?

[ Laughter ]

[ Speaking gibberish ]

Eve: Hmm-mm.

Conan: No. No one does that. It’s just bee-atch.

Eve: Right.

Conan: And does that mean anything different, or it’s the same?

Eve: No, it’s the same thing.

Conan: Okay.

Eve: It’s just — it can get played on the radio.

Conan: Okay. Oh! Huh-uh, smart.

Eve: That’s it.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: I see how it all works now. I’m very slow to catch on.

Eve: That’s okay.

Conan: But eventually, I’m going to learn. So —

[ Light laughter ] But you take these words and — that’s cool. So it
just means something different to you?

Eve: Exactly.

Conan: And you don’t get — now, what about this movie “barbershop”?
Let’s talk about that.

Eve: “Barbershop” will be out september 13th. It’s a hilarious movie.
It was a long and cold two months in chicago, but it was fun.

Conan: What’s it like shooting in chicago? I mean, in the winter, it’s
not a a great place to be. But what was the upside? What was the positive
side of being in chicago?

Eve: The food.

Conan: The food’s amazing there.

Eve: Oh, my god, there’s a lot of good food in chicago. I gained a lot
of weight.

Conan: How much did you eat? Did you go crazy?

Eve: A lot. I ate a lot. I was there every time they called “cut.” I’m
like, thanks.

Conan: And you were having the ribs.

Eve: I was eating everything, like sandwiches at 4:30 in the morning.
I was drinking hot chocolate with tons of sugar.

Conan: Right. So how big did you get?

[ Light laughter ] Just tell us how big you got?

Eve: It was kind of — the booty was like, you know —

Conan: The booty was going back and forth?

[ Laughter ] The booty was growing out.

Eve: Yeah, it was growing.

Conan: Yeah.

Eve: Which is always good. What do you think?

Conan: Well, see, it’s okay — again, this is another example of it’s
okay for you to talk about your booty being big.

Eve: Right.

Conan: But if I said, “my next guest is a bitch with a really big booty,
let’s get her out here,” that would be a problem.

[ Laughter ]

Eve: It’s the way you say it.

Conan: I know. Exactly.

[ Applause ]

Eve: It’s the way you say it.

Conan: I’d be off the air in a second. That would not be good. Well,
“xxx” is in theaters now.

Eve: Right.

Conan: “Barbershop” opens next friday, and you have the new album right
here, “evelutions.”

Eve: “Eve-olution” just dropped tuesday.

Conan: That dropped on tuesday. It’s in stores right now. Go out and
get it.

[ Laughter ] See, I’m learning the lingo.

Eve: Yeah.

Conan: It dropped on tuesday.

Eve: Dropped on tuesday.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: I’m probably like, “well, we should pick it up.”

[ Laughter ] Eve, thank you very much for being here.

Eve: Thank you.

Conan: That was great.

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