Eve On The Tonight Show

performed ‘Gangsta Lovin” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday. Afterwards, she spoke a bit with Jay, talking about the new album and her new movie ‘Barbershop,’ as well as her small role in ‘xXx’. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with eve. “Eve-olution” is the new CD. And
that was great. It’s a great outfit, by the way.

Eve: Thank you.

Jay: If this was a catholic school, you would be in a lot of trouble
right now. Very cool.

Eve: Thank you.

Jay: You’re from Philly?

Eve: Philadelphia.

Jay: Another Philly girl. You made — is this your acting debut in the
“barbershop” movie?

Eve: I also had a little part in “xxx.” But this is —

Jay: I saw “xxx.” What did you do in “xxx?”

Eve: I played, like, Vin Diesel’s best friend and partner in this underground website. It’s like at the beginning, it’s like the first —

Jay: Okay. Okay. Because I saw the movie about a month ago. Do you like that?

Eve: I love it.

Jay: Do you like the acting thing?

Eve: I love it. I had a lot of fun. “Barbershop” was really cool because
it was two months. I got into the acting thing.

Jay: You played a barber.

Eve: I played the only girl barber in the whole shop amongst a bunch
of guys.

Jay: All right. Did you go to barber college?

Eve: I did. I went to barber college and I’m not good at all.

[ Laughter ] I’m not good. I cut friend of mine’s hair. I don’t know
if it grew back yet.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: That must be a very good friend.

Eve: He is.

Jay: It was a guy.

Eve: It was a guy.

Jay: Okay. ‘Cause girls — there are not girls that are that close of

Eve: Never.

Jay: Did you use scissors or —

Eve: I actually — I used scissors and comb and the thing — what is
it? Razor?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: It sounds like you skipped a few days in college.

Eve: The thing. The thing.

Jay: Yeah. How long did you actually do the course for?

Eve: A week.

Jay: A week. That’s —

Eve: It’s not that hard.

Jay: Okay. Well, that’s good. Well, let me tell you something — you
are a far better singer than you are a barber.

Eve: Thank you.

Jay: “Eve-olution” is the new album. “Barbershop’s” the new movie. Congratulations on all your success.

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