Eve: Tiger Woods Only Owes Wife An Apology

checked in with her Twitter followers (@TheRealEve) moments ago just ahead of Tiger Woods’ statement in regards to his marital infidelity. The rapper writes:

Whatup ya’ll… Don’t ya’ll think they should leave Tiger Woods alone. He’s human, what the hell. He didn’t handle the media right but whateva
We need to stop putting people on pedestals, they’re great when we think they are perfect and we we find out they’re like us we hate them.
The only appology he owes is 2 his wifey…. Hope ya Friday is BLESSED and HAPPY ;)
It’s real right?!?! How can we still be surprised. It’s 2010!!! Grown ass peopl still looking for role models. We all love somebody but
Nobody’s GOD!!!! Album coming sooooon LOL!!! :)

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