Eve Visits TRL MTV Beach House

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to debut her new video with Alicia Keys – ‘Gangsta Love’. Eve talked about her new album, her new movie ‘XXX’, and her Fetish clothing line. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Seaside got to put your hands together one of the greatest
hip-hop artists right now out there she rides ruff, rhymes tough her rhymes
so sweet we’ll talk to her please welcome the first lady of ruff ryders,
please welcome the lovely and talented Eve. Put your hands together


Eve: Wha’ssup, y’all? How y’all doin’? What ‘up.

Damien: She gave me a smooch you just gave me a smooch tell me who you
were talkin’ to up there in the e-mail room. Puffy, who?

Eve: No a couple fans, answering some things back.

Damien: Okay. All right. You are busy this summer.

Eve: Very, very busy.

Damien: The triple x movie comin’ out you are in.

Eve: Yes.

Damien: How are movies, it is so weird.

Eve: Different, so different than videos because it is all quiet how
y’all are right now everybody on your word. I don’t want the reason they
call cut you know what I’m sayin’ it was fun, though it was fun.

Damien: Cool. Okay. Nelly has vokal and P.Diddy, sean-jean.

Eve: Ladies, I got fettish comin’ out I had my stylist alexander helpin’
with it and doin’ my thing through iceberg. I do what I do with the stuff
I wear, a mesh of stuff sexy and good for girls.

Damien: Speaking of sexy and cute you worked with Alicia Keys.

Eve: Yes.

Damien: She is so sweet and nice.

Eve: We had a good time on the video, we didn’t do the song together,
but it came out out hot. I think it’s a hit, in my opinion ha-ha.

Damien: Were you in the studio. Like aerosmith goes into a big garage
in boston and records on their own computer. Were you and Alicia in the
same studio?

Eve: No we weren’t together. She did hers in New York and I did mine
in L.A., So, yeah —

Damien: That’s interesting and cool. All access week here at mtv. Tell
us something interesting about Alicia Keys the average person might not
know. I know she likes to walk around new york and ptend she is not famous,
very humble.

Eve: I don’t know. We were crackin’ jokes and she has a very, very good
sense of hum inner.

Damien: Dry or.

Eve: It’s funny. We had a good time. We were like just crackin’ jokes
the whole time.

Damien: About to premiere the video.

Eve: That’s right.

Damien: What should we look for, the points huh fun with, lay it out
for us.

Eve: This new video, I think, it’s a new look for me. Uhm, I don’t know.
I love the whole video. It is not one thing, it’s the whole video. I need
y’all to love it, so —

Damien: Finally time for your video this is from director little X.

Eve: My new video, Eve and Alicia Keys “gansta love”.

Eve: On trl.


Damien: There it is trl premiere of your video with Alicia Keys, Eve
“gansta love” call to vote for that video.

Eve: Vote for the video!

Damien: Do you want to say anything to them? Anything to the viewers
at home.

Eve: Vote for the video, ha-ha.

Damien: Vote for the video. It is hot we’ll get you back into the house.

Eve: No doubt.

Damien: I’m dehydrated about to pass out thanks for comin’ always good
to have you.

Eve: Of course.

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