Evidence Checks In From Zurich

posted the following bulletin to fans on Myspace on Saturday (July 7), while on tour in Europe:

Having a great time out here for real. Havin Alchemist with us makes it all the better. My merch got stuck at customs and will meet us on Monday. However I have been upset certain places are not gonna get to cop the shirts and new “STORMWATCH MIXTAPE”
We killed ZURICH tonite! 15 thousand people. WAS AMAZING. Amsterdam was dope TINY LITTLE VENUE, but great show.. MUCH LOVE TO JERU THE DAMAJA who came out during our set and killed it. BUDAPEST was dope,the sound was Ehhhh… but the people made up for it with crazy energy. GREECE was NUTS! they broke the barrier down.. I’ma post it on You Tube in the next day or so.. CRAZY. Off to SPLASH FESTIVAL tomorrow in GERMANY… Gonna perform with a lot of the homies.. Talib, The Roots, Stones Throw Camp, even Snoop is out there.. LOL… Remember….”we make it hard when we go on 1st” -Rakaa Me and Alc have been killn the record stores and conventions(Hungary) WOW!!! Ok… off to sleep… 3am here… gotta be up at 8 to drive all freakin day.
As much as I love it here, can’t wait to get home to my INCREDIBLE weed stash. YES… WE(CALI) Have the best weed… I just did the whole taste test again in Amsterdam… TRUST ME.. OG Kush is the worlds best strain… CREATED in the good ol 818.
ok…enough rambling on…. much love kronies…beeasy.


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