Exerpt From Ja Rule And Farrakhan Interview

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Selling 1.5 million of his first album put at the top of the charts, but also at the center of envious minds and hearts, Ja lamented. “I made records that reflected real life,” he shared. “I don’t wake up every day angry. Sometimes, I wake up and I love my wife and I want to talk about that. So, I did and people embraced it in a way that was new and fresh in hip hop. And it kind of changed the way things started moving. People started making more records that had more feeling, all the artists started making records about different aspects of life besides the criminal aspect.”

The rapper revealed his pain over the public and media’s role in perpetuating tensions, while he wanted to focus on making good music. “I’m bigger than that, I’m not even thinking about that,” he recalled. “I’m like, ‘Let’s continue what we’re doing as Black men.’ But then, the public started to give me ridicule. I guess they were feeling like, since you’re not saying anything, you’re scared.”

In fact, Ja explained that he could not respond to offensive lyrics because he had to restrain himself until the conclusion of a lawsuit against him that 50 Cent filed after a brawl at the Hit Factory.

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