Expenses At Wyclef Jean’s Yele Foundation Raise Red Flags

Troubling details are emerging in regards to expenses associated with ’s Yele Foundation, which raised $1 million in a day earlier this week after Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti. Documents show that in 2006, salaries, promotion and overhead was nearly 70% of donations, while organizations such as CARE and UNICEF are at 10%.

“Some charities have to spend so much money to raise that dollar that it might not be worth your while to make the investment,” Daniella Levine, President and Founder of the Human Resources Coalition, explained to CBS4.com. “I think any place between 10% and 30% is kind of considered within the range of acceptability.”

Check out charities helping survivors of the earthquake which have high ratings at charitynavigator.org.

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One thought on “Expenses At Wyclef Jean’s Yele Foundation Raise Red Flags

  1. JJ123 says:

    In 2006 the charity was not making nowhere near 1 million dollars a day…it is a small and young charity…if it was doing under 100,000 that year… which it probably was…of course 70% makes sense..u can’t expect these people to have no income…and split multiple ways….stop trying to bring down clef…morons

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