Fabolous Visits With Carson Tuesday

Rapper was on with Carson Daly on Total Request Live Tuesday where he performed ‘Young’n’ and talked with Carson about how quickly he blew up after getting a boost from DJ Clue. Fabolous also talked about the being from the street but respecting the commercial side of the business and fusing the two together to make a ‘Fabolous’ result. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Well, well, well. Fabolous performance at the top of the show
“the calling, no. 10 video and we are hoff to a r-r-roarin’ start. Let
me just say i can’t believe it’s your first time on trl. Holdin’ out on

Fab: Yeah, man hi to run around.

Carson: I’ve been tryin’ to get you on for months.

Fab: I told you i’d get here, man. I’m here for you.

Carson: Congratulations on the album.

Fab: Thank you

Carson: I know just from talkin’ with you a little bit your story on
how quickly your life turned upside down but give everybody a reminder.

Fab: Yeah, man i was a regular kid and got to meet d.J. Clue and rap
for him, he was feelin’ me, put me on the radio like some other people
started hearin’ me and like my style. He picked me up from there and started
workin’, real hard on the underground level and just came time for my level

Carson: When you go from doing so much in the underground and on the
streets with such a strong radio presence, how is that when you go back
home, people like you are all over the radios, anybody ever sweat for you

Fab: Yeah, yeah it’s a lot of love, you know what i’m sayin’. Iesespect
the love. A little hate but a lot of love as long as it’s more than the
hate it’s good.

Carson: What about your tour.

Fab: It is comin’. They want me to go –.

Carson: Who is the top of the list, dream tour with fabolous.

Fab: Man i would like to go out with nelly, man, i think that would
be hot, me and nelly

Carson: Are you going to go soon, is this happenin’ quick here?

Fab: Yeah, they talkin’ about makin’ it happen like in may, so, yeah.

Carson: You blowin’ up right now, live on trl.

Fab: Yeah.

Carson: Your boys watchin’ you right now. See there is a lot of love.
Who is it, want to check it? We’ll wait. Two-way blowin’ up.

Fab: I don’t know who it is.

Carson: I’m on trl talkin’ to carson. I get with you in 5 minutes.

Fab: Ha-ha.

Carson: Tell me about your style a little bit ‘sorry ’cause a lot of
people you’ve got this real kinda casual style mixin’ from the streets
and the hooks and the beats, how do you describe it?

Fab: Kinda like you said, i’m from the street, you know what i’m sayin’.
But i respect the commercial side of things and like i just try to show
the people on the commercial side the street side so i’ve got the two together
and it comes out get to fab loss, man.

Carson: It is. That’s the record go get it. Thank you for finally being

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