Facing 3 1/2 Prison Sentence, Persia Appeals For Fan Support

Persia checked in with fans on her MySpace page on Friday (December 5), after announcing a few days earlier she was convicted on a felony gun possession charge. The rapper is now facing a 3 1/2 year prison term and is appealing to fans to write letters to the Ulster County DA to reconsider the sentence. She writes:

Let me break this story down for everyone who has asked.

I was in a very abusive relationship and felt like I couldnt leave or else my family would be harmed.
It became to much and I had to go.
I was stalked and threatened for months, as was my family.
my mom had a heart attack due to this man.
I went into hiding but honestly who can live like that?
My mom bought a gun so that i could get from my front door to my car with being attacked or even killed.
I was pulled over and arrested with the gun and am now facing 3.5 years.
The guy was a police informant so i felt helpless, i couldnt call the cops because he would get right out and come looking for me.
i have seen women die with orders of protection in their hands.
this man pour gasoline beside my moms house and told me he would kill the only thing i loved.
what would you do?

So I am appealing to my fans and asking everyone to write letters to the D.A. in hopes that he will reconsider the 3 1/2 yr sentence.

I was involved in an abusive relationship which led to him trying to kill me, I felt I had no chocice but to protect myself. Now I am facing jail time for felony gun possesion.

I am due in for sentencing on Dec 12th and every letter will help.

If time does not allow for Postal Mail please fax your letters in.

The entire message and mailing info has since been removed.

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