Fan Meets N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell At Planet Hollywood

A fan on the forum says she met Pharrell Williams at the Planet Hollywood in South Beach last Monday. Sweetsangel21 writes, “Now I wasnt sure it was him at first I kinda looked and said to my mom, ‘That guy looks like that one rapper’ and I see two or three people around him and my mom tells me to stop and see if it was him! And then I stood there in shock because it was him and I am completely in love with him and what he does! And he approached me and gave me a hand shake and I was frozen I was just smiling really big the whole time! I felt so stupid! But then I got the nerve to ask him to sign a bag I had and he was soo nice and said sure and grabbed a pen from one of the waiters and signed it and he was talking to me and the other people around and I was just like WOW! He is sooo down to earth!”

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