Far East Movement ‘Rocketeer’ LA Dreamer Short Film

A brand new short film from inspired by their Downtown LA upbringing set to their new hit single ‘Rocketeer’ has been posted online. The track appears on FM’s debut album ‘Free Wired’, available on iTunes now via Cherrytree Records.

“When we did the song ‘Rocketeer’ off our ‘Free Wired’ album, it was inspired by how we grew up in Downtown LA as LA Dreamers living on a dream and never knowing where it would take you,” the group explained. “We wanted to paint a portrait of where we live, from where we started, to the free wired mashed up community of dreamers that make up LA. We linked up with our neighbor, DPD of Transparent Agency, and went around with a camera to capture our home… then hooked up the same sound set up of old mics and amps we first used to rehearse on, and recorded this live remix in the old backroom to give it a sound like when we first started makin music. Made this for dreamers world wide…”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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