Fashion Leaders Looking To Hip Hop

The Los Angeles Times profiled music’s effect on fashion throughout history, and its current focus on hip hop. Marshal Cohen, co-president of NPDFashionworld, a Port Washington, N.Y.-based company that tracks apparel industry trends says, “A lot of today’s fashion leaders are looking at things they see, especially in music videos, for inspiration.” What do they see? “Rap and hip-hop artists walking around in baseball jerseys and track pants,” Cohen says about the street trends generated from the world of music and worn by both sexes “because music is genderless and fashion is theater.”

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  1. Sydney says:

    I am writing an essay on how music influences fashion for my [required] senior project. This essay has to be at LEAST 1,800 words. I need as much information as possible if you have any. email me. thank you so much. :]

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