Fat Joe Backs Down From 50 Cent

Contributed Anonymously:

As most of you know, last night, made a comment that started a very tense exchange between G-Unit and Terror Squad. I was lucky enough to be one of the people in the audience, right in front in the designated area for fans. So here’s what happened from somebody who saw the whole thing. So Fat Joe is presenting and all of the sudden, out of no where he takes a swipe at G-Unit. As soon as that happened, the crowd started to boo him, and like a second later, the G-Unit members started yelling obscenities at fat Joe. I couldn’t tell who was yelling what though. Then when Missy accepted the award, 50 jumped on stage, while Fat Joe was still there and walked right to Fat Joe. They were face to face, and 50 said something along the lines of “You got something to say, say it while I’m standing right here in front of you, nigga” (not exact words, but along those lines). Now I’m expecting Fat Joe to say something back and diss him, but all he did was take a few steps back and look back at his security that was standing by the stage. Then Fat Joe’s security come on stage and get in between him and 50 and they try to kinda get 50 to move back a little, but 50 just stood there and didn’t let Joe’s bodyguards move him. Finally the guards escorted Joe backstage and from what I was told, he just left. I was so surprised when Fat Joe reacted like that. I seriously couldn’t believe it that he was just dissing for having security, but he himself had about 5 security guards with him everywhere he went. From what I saw, 50 didn’t have any security guards with him when he was inside, but fat Joe did. So what kind of hypocrite is Fat Joe? I’m not gonna lie, I’m a fan of Fat Joe’s music, but I lost so much respect for him for being so fake and trying to call someone out on national TV for something he is guilty of even more that the person he tried to diss.

Anyway, so then 50’s performance started and the crowd was so hype. Everyone stood up, even the celebrities. The only performance all the celebrities stood up for where 50’s, Kanye’s, and Green Days’. Someone I noticed that was really into 50’s performance was Kanye West, which isn’t really a surprise because Kanye always lets people know he’s a huge 50 fan. But what else I noticed was that there was a bit of tension left in the air and everyone probably had the feeling that 50 was gonna have the last word in this. And of course, he did. At the end of the performance, 50 and Yayo made clear that Fat Joe was a p*ssy for those that didn’t see what happened earlier (especially the people at home, because most of you know, MTV cut out all the good parts). Of course, the people in the audience that saw what happened earlier already knew that. And when 50 and Yayo started dissing Fat Joe, the crowd went crazy and I looked over and I saw Kanye and Jay Z laughing and clapping like they agreed, which kind of surprised me because Kanye and Jay Z usually try and stay neutral in beefs. Well, that’s what happened, and I’m still shocked and disgusted with Fat Joe’s cowardly actions.

Admin note: There seems to be some dispute about this story and if 50 really did come up on stage. I watched the initial west coast replay, and I never saw 50 on stage, though MTV made a point not to camera to 50 after Fat Joe’s remark.

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