Fat Joe Hangs With Carson Tuesday

was on with Carson Daly on Tuesday to premiere his new video with Ashanti ‘What’s Luv?’, show off some of his jewelry, talk about the two year anniversary of Pun, and his desire to do a Latin street movie. Read on for a transcript from part of their chat.

Carson: Wha’ssup, man?

Joe: We here now.

Carson: I haven’t seen you in a while, man.

Carson: Yeah, that’s right you lookin’ good.

Joe: Chillin’, man’m’m excited to be here, man.

Carson: You are excited to see the video? We are going to talk about
the video. Joe brought with him the premiere, we’ll get to that.

Joe: Much love is blowin’ up all over the country with the charts.

 Carson: I know it is.

Joe: She lookin’ real beautiful.

Carson:O.O. You got some serious, serious ice.

Joe: Yeah. Jacob the jeweler, the new jacob.

Carson: Goodness. How much — do you have a huge collection.

Joe: Yeah, i got a bunch of pieces, man to be honest with you. That’s
my onl — i know it’s a foolish habit but that’s my one habit right there.

Carson: That’s your one.

Joe: A little steak and some potatoes man.

Carson: I know. Believe me i do. Do you have a favorite piece you wear.

Joe: Would be the big pun piece with him flyin’ like jordan in the rubies,
that’s real hot.

Carson: You know i was gonna try and hunt you down the other day, the
anniversary of pun and i felt like and idiot because we went on the air
and i meant to say something to people at home and remind them to keep
the big fun love alive.

Joe: Always.

Carson: I feel horrible i didn’t do that.

Joe: It’s all good. It’s all good, two years since he passed away. We
keep mournin’ him his son baby pun is watch sdeg right now, he gonna be
rappin’ real soon, man so

Carson: Fat joe has, uhm, obviously clothing store, you have a barber

Carson: You run the barber shop.

Joe: All my peoples come home from the joint, man, they need a job,
man we got to link them up with a job.

Carson: How sch am cut.

Joe: Maybe 10, 15 dollars, you know what i mean.

Carson: ‘Nice. What is this directi someone mentioned.

Joe: I just want to do a movie, some real like latino version of like
some crazy punk street stuff, you know what i mean? A lot of legends come
from up in the bronx. I just want to represent them, you know.

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