Fat Joe Idolizes LL Cool J

tells Launch.com he is a big fan of , saying, “I mean, LL Cool J is, you know, my idol in hip-hop and, you know, every time I rap, after I do songs, I be, like, ‘I hope LL likes this.’ Funny story is one time, I met this girl–she told me she worked at a record store and my album had just come out, and she was, like, ‘Yo, you would never believe who came to my store and bought your album.’ I was, like, ‘Who?’ She was, like, ‘LL Cool J came and bought your album.’ I was, like, ‘Oh, wow.'” That album was his latest release, ‘Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)’, which hit platinum after selling a million copies.

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