Fat Joe Says 50’s Taunts Led To VMA Dis

spoke with MTV News about his Video Music Awards diss of G-Unit, which led to an on-stage confrontation with . “He’s up in the stands waving at me,” Joe explained. “Then he’s walking around, and when I’m waiting to introduce the reggaeton dudes, he gets on the stage. I’m thinking, ‘OK, we’re about to fight.’ I’m like, ‘We’re about to get it on right here at the VMAs?'” Joe added, “I said what I said because there’s only so much you can take. This guy is jumping onstage and nobody said anything to him. He did ‘Piggy Bank,’ I made my record [‘My 44’] and said I’m out of it. I’m done. Then you have Tony Yayo trying to dis me every chance he gets. 50 is making music videos about me (see “50 Mocks Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Game, Nas In ‘Piggy Bank’ Video”). What am I supposed to do? I have to defend myself. I was trying not to pay them no mind, until he jumped on the stage.” Read more.

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