Fat Joe, Talib Kweli Say Trent Lott’s Apology Not Enough

and have added their names to the hat of those in hip hop asking for Trent Lott to step down after his controversial remarks that many have deemed racist, despite repeated apologies. “It’s a real big kick in the face to minorities,” Fat Joe said. “You would think he would be fired or would have to step down. What’s real surprising to me is Bush actually endorsed him and said that he doesn’t need to resign.” Talib added, “If you thought that Trent Lott wasn’t a racist or wasn’t a prejudiced person, you’re just a fool. Everything in his political record points to that. The issue is not whether or not he’s racist — that’s obvious. The issue is that he got caught saying it. No one’s asking him to recant his beliefs, no one is shocked about what he said. I think people are shocked that he allowed himself to get caught. I think his apology is not for what he said, I think he’s apologizing because he realized he’s a fool for getting caught.” Read more.

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