Fat Joe Talks About September 11, 2001

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to talk about his feelings about September 11, 2001. Joe admits he hasn’t flown for 10 years and still hasn’t, but wishes he wasn’t so fearful of flying. Joe says last year was the “scariest feeling in my life” adding “It just felt like planes
were just gonna fly over and just start bombin’ the rest of New York and
Jersey and the rest of the United States so it was just — a feelin’ of
uncertainty, you know what I mean.” Read on for a full transcript.

Carson: join us the one and only Fat Joe, everybody appreciate you
stop sdig by.

Fat Joe: What’s up.

Carson: John Norris joins us. The entire MTV family. Let’s talk to you
South Bronx you last year today had, uhm, tell me what you saw, you’re
right there on your front lawn.

Fat Joe: I live in jersey right across the water and, uh, Free called
me, he said, plane hit the towers. So when i went out to like the porch
and i looked out, every one of my neighbors was out on the porch and then
we seen the building come down then we seen the second building come down.
It was just the scariest feeling in my life, you know what i mean and it
just didn’t feel like buildings were comin’ down. It just felt like planes
were just gonna fly over and just start bombin’ the rest of New York and
Jersey and the rest of the United States so it was just — a feelin’ of
uncertainty, you know what i mean. Didn’t know what was comin’ next.

Carson: Obviously integral part of hip-hop community. In the last year
how have you noticed this affecting especially with something like hip-hop
that is probably than any other genre of music is closer to the streets,
closer to family, unity, the world loyalty means a lot in hip-hop. How
has hip-hop changed?

Fat Joe: Uhm, hip-hop, you know not only donatin’ money, donatin’ their
time i was like Santa Claus for kids that lost their parents in twin towers
and the plens that went down in Queens shortly after. I just think that-hop
music and music in general let’s just say all music what if the world didn’t
have no music. So a lot of this music is fittin’, you know, not only the
families who lost people but just America, the whole world just get over
by they day you know like someone said earlier Enrique Iglesias “Hero”
was a big song for them. I think hip-hop provides something that gets your
mind off of being depressed all day and goin’ through anxiety and stuff
like that.

John: You have a history of graffiti art right did you see any in the
wake of 9-11 that impressed you?

Fat Joe: Definitely a lot of beautiful murals all over the city and
country. I seen one in Philly just yesterday I was down to Philadelphia
and seen one some great artists had done and like i said us as musicians
we try to make good music so people can get by through the day with their
lives at the same time graffiti artists everybody try to play they part
in every way they can you know what i mean. Definitely commend the fire
department and the police department, man for, you know, if ain’t for them,
you know what i mean there wouldn’t be actually have a piece we’ll show

Carson: Fat Joe is one of the few artists I know you didn’t fly.

Fat Joe: No, i never fleww.

Carson: Before 9-11.

Fat Joe: For 10 years i haven’t flown I got a big fear.

Carson: You drive on a bus.

Fat Joe: I drive every where did i drove to Cancun for spring break,
that took forever.

Carson: Broken into, that was actually a funny story.

Carson: Yeah. Nelly doesn’t i don’t think he fly since 9-11.

Fat Joe: A lot of artists don’t but, uhm, i just think they scared of
what’s going to happen. I wish they would fly, you know, i mean i was able
to fly. Everybody needs to get back on the planes and keep livin’ life
as usual.

Carson: Very good. Appreciate you can here with friends and family and
you definitely fill the category.

Fat Joe: God bless everybody in the world. Good seeing ya

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