Fat Joe Visits ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’

stopped by ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Wednesday to perform ‘Get It Poppin’ and promote his new album ‘All Or Nothing’. The rapper talked about his weight loss, how he’s overcome his fear of flying, how his new album is his best to date, the beef with 50 Cent and The Game, how hip hop is “one of the only natural resources that america has” that “makes billions and billions of dollars for this country”, ‘The Heist’ comic book, and his business deals. Read on for a computer generated transcript.

Carson: Yeah, thank you. Maybe we should just retire the gong. Then
what would you do? Let me go and bring out our first guest. He just dropped
his new album last week. He’s a great friend of the show. Straight out
of the bx, it’s fat joe, everybody. Joe?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: What’s happenin’, joe?

Fat Joe: I’m good.

Carson: I barely recognized you when you came out there. Your name,
“fat joe,” soon won’t mean much because you’ve lost so much weight. You’re
going to be more like “moderately overweight joe.”

[ Laughter ]`

Fat Joe: That’s why I’m called “joe crack.”

Carson: “Joe crack.” You’re gonna have to get away from fat joe.

Fat Joe: Because they think I’m smoking crack or something these days.

Carson: Yeah, but you’re not doing that.

Fat Joe: No way, man.

Carson: Not at all.

Fat Joe: It’s all good.

Carson: It’s like lil bow wow just wasn’t little. After like a year
he just went to bow wow.

Fat Joe: He’s bow easy.

Carson: He’s bow easy?

[ Laughter ]

Fat Joe: Bow easy.

Carson: All right. What’s happenin’?

Fat Joe: What’s up, y’all?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: I always love when fat joe’s here. You know, fat joe was terrified
to fly for years and years and years until he’d get liquored up enough
and get a private jet out of, like, mtv or something. When I was at mtv
— we talked about this before — he used to drive his bus everywhere.

Fat Joe: Yeah, yeah. We drove to cancun one spring break.

Carson: Right, you got broken into?

Fat Joe: They robbed us about six times, the mexican police, you know?
But it’s all good, though.

Carson: Yeah, you’ve discovered alcohol and private jets, and now you
don’t mess with the bus anymore.

Fat Joe: Now I’m good. I’m a professional now.

[ Laughter ] Now I tell a lady when she pulls out the bible or something,
“miss, don’t worry. You’re all right. You’re good. We’ve got this right

Carson: Have you flown recently?

Fat Joe: Yeah, I fly almost every other day.

Carson: Oh, now you fly all the time?

Fat Joe: Yeah, now I’m a professional.

Carson: You have no problem with it, right? Any anxiety attacks in the
air? Anything like that?

Fat Joe: Thank god, not at all, man.

Carson: How do you do with turbulence?

Fat Joe: I’m perfect. Like, I flew a plane once.

Carson: What –?

[ Laughter ] You went from never flying and being on a bus to now you
fly planes?

Fat Joe: No, I flew a plane. Like, I actually got in the cockpit in
the private — in the g-4, and then the guy just sat me and told me how
to press the buttons, and told me this is how I’m gonna respect this machine

Carson: It must’ve been donald trump because you must’ve terrified him.

Fat Joe: No, it wasn’t him, but it’s just I flew so much that, you know,
I learned everything there is to know about them airplanes. Basically,
it’s not going down.

Carson: Yeah, well?

Fat Joe: Yeah, or you’re gonna be a real unlucky person when you die.

Carson: That’s right.

Fat Joe: They start showing you little cushions under the seat? It’s
a wrap. I don’t even listen to all that.

Carson: When it’s done, it’s done.

Fat Joe: It’s a wrap.

Carson: You were out in L.A. For the mtv movie awards, and they put
they put you to work. What did they have you do, the pre-how or something?

Fat Joe: They had me doing the red carpet pre-show with nicole richie.

Carson: Oh, yeah? How was that?

Fat Joe: Yeah, I had a lot of fun.

Carson: What did you do exactly. Were you like the fashion police?

Fat Joe: I was like a hip-hop groupie because, you know, I know all
the artists, but when it comes down to all the actors, all my favorite
actors and all that, I don’t really get to see ’em much. So I got to see
samuel jackson. And then I interviewed hilary swank.

Carson: Hilary, oh, she’s nice. How did that go?

Fat Joe: I really didn’t know who she was, like that.

Carson: Oh, really?

[ Laughter ]

Fat Joe: So, she tapped me on my back and said, “million dollar baby.”
I was like, “oh, man, ‘million dollar baby’!”

Carson: Yeah.

Fat Joe: Yeah, but, you know, I’ve gotta watch that movie.

Carson: Well, the hip-hop community just gets excited with the phrase
“million dollar anything,” really.

[ Laughter ]

Fat Joe: You’re right, but I knew that was an amazing movie this year,`
clint eastwood and all that.

Carson: It was, and here’s the amazing album from fat joe, that just
came out.

[ Cheers and applause ] I’ve interviewed a lot of artists, and everybody
comes on the shows, and they say, “oh, this is my best work to date. I’m
so proud of this one.” And then it’s like eight albums later. What is it
about this album that you like?

Fat Joe: This is my best album yet.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: See what I’m saying? Who’s on the record?

Fat Joe: My favorite album. We got everybody from J. Lo to R. Kelly.
Of course, the joint with nelly’s on there. We got eminem, lil jon on the
album. Remy martin. It’s amazing. J. Lo’s on the album.

Carson: Yeah?

Fat Joe: Yeah, so, you know, I’m excited about this album. I worked
with scott storch. I worked with cool and dre, swizz beatz, just blaze,

Carson: All the hot producers.

Fat Joe: All the hot producers, man. That’s something I never got to
really do throughout my whole career, so I’m really excited about this.

Carson: Good, as you should be. What happened at this latest hot 97
summer jam concert with 50 cent? And the game or something?

Fat Joe: Oh, I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I heard the game came out
with, like, rat dummies, guerillas — I don’t really know.

Carson: But this was recent, and I thought that that whole beef between
50 and the game was done. Now, that’s back on?

Fat Joe: Apparently.

[ Laughter ]` Whoo. Can’t we all just get along?

Carson: I mean, at this point, for somebody watching, and people —
uh, okay, white people just think that this is —

[ Laughter ] That this is all promotion and that it’s not real.

Fat Joe: It is promotion.

Carson: Is this real or not?

Fat Joe: No, I’m sure game’s behalf is real, but, you know what? White
people need to understand is that hip-hop is a beautiful, positive thing.

Carson: Listen up.

[ Laughter ]

Fat Joe: Hip-hop is one of the only natural resources that america has.
It was born off the streets of the bronx. It makes billions and billions
of dollars for this country. I mean, there’s some white people who think
queen latifah came from “moulin rouge.” She’s a rapper.

Carson: Right, no, she’s a rapper.

Fat Joe: Will smith, eminem selling $64 million first week on movies.
When you see mcdonald’s french fries break-dancing on commercials? That’s

Carson: Hip-hop has infiltrated business in america.

Fat Joe: Hip-hop is amazing. I love hip-hop.`

Carson: Yes, of course you do. “Million dollar baby.”

Fat Joe: And great hip-hop is available on the “all or nothing,” fat
joe’s new cd.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: But, fat joe, you’ve been involved — you’ve been in this beef
thing before back in the day, as I recall. The beefs used to stay on wax,
and the public didn’t really have to ever hear about it or worry about
it. Now, people are dying and stuff. Do we have to worry about that with
the game and 50?

Fat Joe: Yeah, it’s a different climate, you know what I mean? Society
is much more dangerous, and that’s why I try to stay away from that, and
stay away from all that negativity because too much of us, biggie, tupac,
a lot of guys have died in hip-hop, and I don’t think it’s right.

Carson: If someone said something negative about you on a rap record,
do you get nervous for your life? Does your security detail get bigger?

Fat Joe: No, not me, man. I’m fat joe.

[ Laughter ] See, I walk with god. I walk amongst the peoples. I travel
with the peoples, and I walk with god.

Carson: I’d wear` a bullet-proof vest walking with god, if it were me.
Do you have to worry about that? Do you wear one?

Fat Joe: I fear no man other than god, that’s all.

Carson: Yeah, good for you. All right, fair enough. What is this comic
book here? This also came out when your album came out too. It’s called
“the heist.”

Fat Joe: That’s “the heist.” That came out with the album.

Carson: Familiar rappers there, fabolous and trina and trick daddy and
kim. There’s you.

Fat Joe: Realistically, I don’t know what we’re doing in that cartoon

Carson: Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Fat Joe: But —

Carson: I read it, and I’m glad to hear you say that because I have

Fat Joe: I thought I’d have super powers. The kids love it, though.
It’s an accessory.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: By the way, on the back — can you get a shot of this right
here? This is where you can order the hottest bling tones. Just point it
right there. There you go. Some people like fat joe, whené u$eir
phone rings, you’ll hear, you know, one of your songs.

Fat Joe: Yeah, no more whack ring tones.

Carson: “Lean back” will play in a movie theater. How much money do
you get from ring tones? A lot?

Fat Joe: I suppose you do. I suppose you make a lot of money from ring

Carson: No, you.

Fat Joe: Me, personally?

Carson: Yeah.` That a big chunk of your business, the ring tones?

Fat Joe: That’s a part of it. It’s a portion.

Carson: Right.

Fat Joe: This business, you don’t really make much stuff off the music.
You make stuff off of ring tones, publishing, endorsements. Like, the only
liquor I drink is bacardi, and I only use my boost mobile phone.

Carson: Really, you only drink bacardi?

Fat Joe: And I only drink —

[ Laughter and applause ]

Carson: Yeah, all right. It’s the plug time of the interview. Anything

Fat Joe: Plug.

Carson: And you only wear diamonds.

Fat Joe: And I only wear — no, we not — we not selling that right

Carson: I gotta mention, there’s a contest, “wanna be fat joe’s intern
for a day?”

Fat Joe: That’s incredible.

Carson: This would have been a tough job a year ago, getting you food
all the time, but you look so good.

[ Light laughter ]

Fat Joe: No, we still get food. We still get food, but it should be
fun, and I’m a fairly easy boss.` It’s hard for me to fire people.

Carson: What if there’s a kid that wants to be your intern for a day?
Is there something that they should do? Is this a contest online or something?

Fat Joe: It’s a nickelodeon joint, like, where the kids can sign up
and see — why you laughing?

[ Laughter ]

Carson: You don’t hear the phrase, “it’s a nickelodeon joint” every
day, you know?

[ Laughter ] It really is, though.

Fat Joe: For the kids that wanna get in the business. And fat joe, we
gonna get ’em on the phone, P. Diddy, a couple of people, make ’em do some
— make some business happen. It should be an amazing experience.

Carson: Joey crack, you’re the man. Always a pleasure. “All or nothing”
is the album. You’re gonna perform for us, so we’ll let you go get ready.

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