Fatal Is Not Biting Tupac’s Style

Contributed Anonymously:

Not in opinion, but Fatal is not biting Pac’s style. All of your favorite gangsta rappers such as the G-Unit, DTP, and other various considered gangstaz bit the formula that Fatal was once a part of. Another fact is, that in hit em up Fatal was going at Biggie and recieved no response. Biggie is New York rappers “blueprint,” there for can spank anyone he feels like in the industry. Being from Jerz to I can relate wit my homie, cuz its takes alot of ballz to be from Jerz, right next to the city and ride wit where all the original gangbangers are from in the middle of a coastal hip hop war. Fatal is in the hood, cuz I see him in the hood, just make sure your favorite rappers can still walk through theirs. LOL! And if Fatal wants to bite Pac’s style, he has the right cuz that was his homie, when 50 came on that hail mary beat wit em he repeated Pac’s whole verse. You read in between the lines.

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