Felux: Kanye West Is My Hero

Writer and activist Justin Felux came to the defense of following the rapper’s remarks on NBC’s Concert For Hurricane Relief on Friday. “‘We’ve never seen anything like this before.’ I have heard this phrase repeated several times by newscasters describing the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina,” Felux writes. “However, as I watched the footage of all those black bodies desperately trudging through dirty flood waters, I realized that I actually had seen something exactly like this before. It was one year ago, when Hurricane Jeanne slammed against the coasts of Haiti, a country which like New Orleans is both poor and black… The United States rendered so little aid as to be insignificant, and before long the entire incident had faded from the minds of most Americans. There were few cries of outrage over the fact that this country couldn’t care less about the deaths of thousands of black people, but devotes countless hours of TV time to the latest Missing Pretty White Girl (I believe at the time it was Dru Sjodin, not Natalee Holloway). But people dying in Haiti is one thing. Americans have always found it easy to dismiss the deaths of those from other countries, especially when those countries are full of dark-skinned people. But who would think our government would allow something equally devastating to happen to people on our own soil — to people who are full-fledged American citizens (in theory, anyway? Enter Kanye West.” Read more.

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