Fergie Embraces Hypnotherapy

Fergie of the tells The New York Daily News she uses hypnotherapy to “help balance all the chaos” in her life. “It isn’t as fruity and weird as most people think. I mean, I’m not in some doctor’s office and they hypnotize me and all of a sudden I’m dancing on a table singing Tiffany,” she explained. “It’s more like normal therapy for an hour, and then for the last 10 minutes we do some hypnosis. It’s great.”

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One thought on “Fergie Embraces Hypnotherapy

  1. Andy says:

    Way to go for Fergie for being brave enough to try. Hypnotherapy have always awed me in many ways. For some, it’s a great cure to phobias and help get rid of bad habits. It’s amazing to be able to control other people’s minds by putting them to sleep and get inside their subconscious. I look forward to more revelations on hypnotherapy from this site. Thanks!

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