Field Mob’s Shawn Jay: Ludacris Uses DTP Artists For Tax Write-Offs

Shawn Jay and Smoke of Field Mob

Shawn Jay spoke with Tha Daily Persuit recently, talking about what he is working on, the Ludacris beef and more.

“The number one question I get, every barbershop, whatever I do… what’s up between you and Ludacris,” he explained. “So I guess this would be a good time to address it because I really stay away from that. I don’t know how to use another ni**a to sell records. I never sold what you might consider a substantial amount of records, like a million here, a million there. Yeah, I got over a total million sales easily, which is true, and I’m loving that. I love having 400,000 sold gold fans. My inspirations aren’t compared to another person. I don’t sit home thinking, ‘Oh, I wanna be like Drake. I wanna be like Mike.’ No, I’m glad they’re doing their thing. But what God got going for me, I’m comfortable with that.”

Getting to the point, Shawn Jay said, “The Ludacris situation. I don’t like talking about a person when they’re not around, but when a pu**y is talking to a pu**y, if I’m a pu**y for talking about a pu**y, I’m the dyke. Luda is the whore, he’s my bitch. That’s just what it is. No dollar amount can stop that. We know each other, I’ve always showed you love. What I love about the story the most, when I was bigger than you, I treated you like you was bigger than me. When you got bigger than I, I couldn’t even talk to you. Don’t you love that Christopher Bridges? Since you gotta like that, this is easy for me. You know that you and Shocka use people, you use known artist to sign to DTP and y’all make DTP seem as though you’re doing something. Making big moves. We just signed Field Mob, yeah! We just got Scrappy, yeah! Shout out Lil Scrappy. When it’s all said and done, y’all know that’s a tax write-off. Has anyone that’s been on the DTP label ever been actually promoted, pushed, nothin? Have you ever?”

He added, “I don’t like you, I don’t fu** with you. I’m not angry with you though. People got it misconstrued. I’m not angry. I’m not a person to try to beef with a person just to sell records. That’s against everything Shawn Jay stands for. I’m a positive person.”

Watch the 36-minute interview via YouTube below.

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