Figueroa Reward Contributions Show Positive Side Of Hip-Hop

Music mogul Damon Dash and Philadelphia-born rapper have made personal contributions to a reward fund for information in Latoyia Figueroa’s missing person case, as did T.G.I. Friday’s, the restaurant where Figueroa worked as a waitress. The fund, which was at $10,000 last week, is now up to $100,000. Ballard Morrill tells that the gestures show society that hip-hop figures don’t always exemplify the negative stereotypes some associate with the music. “I think it’s very, very positive because, oftentimes, the hip-hop and rap community get a negative image for what is perceived as promoting certain violence and misogyny,” Ballard Morrill said. “So when rap artists or artists in general come out and support an issue like this with dollars, then that sends a real positive message to the entire community.” The full story at has since been removed.

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