Flipsyde’s Piper Reacts To Obama Victory


Jinho ‘Piper’ Ferreira of reacted to news Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the U.S. last night on his blog at MySpace. He writes:

People can feel however they may about the results of 2008 Presidential election, after all, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But there are a few things that are certain; for the masses of young and first time voters, those that became inspired to participate in the political process and had before been either too young or too pessimistic to care, they now know more than ever that their voice matters. These people stared into the haunting face of history, old and recent, and still had the will to maintain the courage necessary to not only believe in their ability to influence the direction of the free world, but act on it. The doubts were great, and the doubters were many. The counter arguments were based in pessimism and fear yet disguised in logic; but still these people acted on their beliefs. How dare these people believe themselves to be so powerful? Those that have run this country for countless years through ruthless economical maneuvering and back room deals have today seen manifested what they have always secretly known; the power is truly with the people. But there is something else that the ruling power structure of this country has always known; the people are slaves to emotion. When the people decide they have had enough they become emotionally charged and, for a moment, come together with a united purpose and relentless obsession in achieving it. But what happens after that purpose has been achieved? What happens when that intense emotion dissipates?

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