Flo Anthony On Various Gossip

Flo Anthony talked with the K104 DJ’s about Bobby Brown’s arrest earlier today. She also says Run-DMC announced their retirement yesterday while gave $30,000 and LL Cool J gave $50,000 to Jam Master Jay’s wife following his murder last week. Flo also commented on ’s Aaliyah tribute. Flo also gave updates on Queen Latifah and ’s new movie ‘8 Mile’. Audio at k104fm.com has since been removed.

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13 thoughts on “Flo Anthony On Various Gossip

  1. lyn says:

    I love Flo Anthony I listen to her everyday she gives me all the insight on what’s going on in the world and she’s always correct with her information and if she not sure she will let you know so I say I love you Flo and keep doing what your doing honestly I wish I had your job.

  2. Pablo says:

    Hi Flo big fan from the heart beat Hartford CT can you give me any more information on RB superstar Omar Wislson thank you Pablo from the ct.

  3. Dyamond says:

    Hey Flo, Heard you got hurt. I hope you are feeling much better and the leg heals soon. Anyhow, please let me know what’s going on with my future husband Mr. Usher Raymond. hey doe not know yet that I’m his future wife. I have his face tatted on my hip. I am his biggest fan. Two special entertainers ever. Mr. Michael Jackson and Mr. Usher Raymond. House is loaded with their music and everything they have ever done. Well, now my number one heart has died, I’m waiting for Usher. Met him twice and both times I act as tho he wasn’t there. Dang, that was pretty stupid huh. I twitter him he doesn’t respond. His networking skills are not up to par in that matter. But he is an awesome person has followed him since his choir boy days. Anyhow, how is he doing? How are those beautiful babies? Do you have an address I could send a letter to, along with pictures of him in my home? Just, so he can see that I tell no stories. I don’t want him for his money or fame. #1 I make my own money to spend my own. I just want the opportunity to get close and possibly trade places. Nah! Just kidding. But would like to meet him as I have done Michael Jackson many years ago.

  4. linda says:

    First and foremost Flo Anthony is nothing but a third party reporter hearsay is where she gets her information. She is nothing but a tabloid reporter, she will never be on the Oprah Winfrey show the view or 20/20/her old fat bald headed ass cant get on the Wendy Williams show. She got into this business by her niece who played Justine on the Cosby Show. Her fat ugly ass eats off of other people’s plate. A fat black ugly old ass greasy parasite.

  5. linda says:

    Flo Anthony and Debbie Rowe are some fat ass fu**ed up ass ugly old ass broads. Michael did not write remember the time for Debbie. he wrote beat it for Debbie Rowe. Next time Flo you and Debbie decide to go on HLN with A.J. Hammer tell the truth you are not a Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer that’s why you are only on shows where you collect gossip the Willona Woods of television

  6. linda says:

    the truth is Debbie Rowe sucked Michael’s dick. They only got married because of some business deal never had a honeymoon she is not the mother of those children they just put the egg and sperm in her to carry, Jermaine Jackson calls her an ugly ass fat out of shape pig and said his brother got someone that no one would look at. Joe Jackson can’t stand her Katherine just tolerates her,

  7. denise says:

    I agree that’s t.v, the real truth is had it not been for Flo’s niece Justine from the Cosby show Flo would not have a job, never been on Oprah Regis and Kelly not even Maury the don’t fool with third party hear say gossip spreaders Flo and Debbie Rowe are some hard up ugly ass tat bitches,

  8. patricia andersom says:

    Debbie and Flo desperate stanky fat bitches they both smell bad and Flo get a better weave teeth fixed and Debbie loose weight get some teeth and get a facelift ugly old stinking hag.

  9. professor lois lazarus says:

    flo long time so sad to see u at this night – u really look marvelous old friend.
    get in touch i dont to twitter or facebook. hope u get this.

  10. professor lois lazarus says:

    so sorry shocked about Whitneys death- I interviewed her several times
    U look wonderful
    hope u r well
    i dont twitter facebook
    hope u will get in touch
    my tel is the same.
    my very best old friend.

  11. janet jurgen says:

    those Jacksons are all the same especially those two cousins in gay both of them look like cockeyed crocs

  12. janet jurgen says:

    and that Paris look like and old lady blanket I can tell he sneaky like the Jackson clan LaToya an old ho fake face look like she is about to melt and Prince look like an acid dropper this family ain’t crap

  13. janet jurgen says:

    Them cousins ain’t sh** either I went in the house and screwed Keith Jackson what a nasty dude

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