Flobots Discuss Fight With Tools & Activism

Flobots 'Fight With Tools'

Causecast.org caught up with at the Night of Hopes and Dreams event for the Somaly Mam Foundation to discuss their unique blend of hip hop and activism, and the group’s goals with Fight with Tools, an online resource for their Street Teams and anyone who wants to connect and help to create real world change. “In another way, it’s taking who might be music fans, and might be a little bit interested in trying to do something, and helping them coach themselves along the way to activist work, in a way that makes sense to themselves,” Brer Rabbit explained. “It’s one thing to say, hey go and volunteer at a soup kitchen, and then somebody goes and does that, and they come back and they’re empty. So it’s about ‘ideafying’ something that you can be an expert on, which is your own community, and you can contact our national coordinator, and then we can coach you through any of the ways to be more effective in that cause that you’ve identified. So we’re trying to show that people can be experts in their own communities, and actually be the resources that the communities need. And in that same process, like, maybe if the music was their jumping off point, now, they are resources for us, to get other people to respond to them.”

The story and video at causecast.org have since been removed.

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