Foxy Brown Opens Up About Jay-Z

opened up to F.E.D.S. magazine about her troubled relationship with . Foxy said, “Like niggaz can say what they want, but I’m the reason Duke even signed to Def Jam. They weren’t fu**ing with Jay before that, niggaz can attest to that. When ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ was poppin’ I had to leave recording my album to go on the road with Jay, because the promoters wouldn’t book him without me. I wasn’t getting anything, but it didn’t matter because that was my nigga.” She added, “It hurts when I see him because I want to hug him, but it doesn’t feel the same. He signed Amil and tried to replace me, but it got laughed at. It’s hard for female rappers, you can’t only look good. Niggaz got to also believe you. Niggaz got to want to fu** you, and bitches got to want to be you. It’s a whole package that goes with it.” The full story at has since been removed.

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