Free Of A Boyfriend’s Abuse

Contributed Anonymously:

In the October Teen People, Free of BET’s 106 & Park talks about an abusive relationship she was in some years ago, and giving back to the community with her newly-established Free4Life Foundation:

“After we were together about six months, he became possessive and verbally disrespectful when I wanted to do something he didn’t want me to do — like go to a girlfriend’s house. By the time we were together a year, the abuse became physical. He would grab me, and I would fight back. Every time I was with him, I felt fear. He would try to make it seem like it was my fault, say things like, “You made me do it.” It got to the point where I just basically said, “Enough.”
Read more of Free’s interview in the October issue of Teen People, on newsstands now.

Free’s Boston-based foundation, Free4Life, will begin in October a project to help teens educate teens and raise awareness of the causes and consequences of dating violence.

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