Game & Director Matt Alonzo Discuss ‘Celebration’ Music Video

Game and director Matt Alonzo on the set of his 'Celebration' music video

Game is out with behind the scenes footage from his ‘Celebration’ music video, directed by Matt Alonzo. The track is from the Los Angeles rapper’s upcoming fifth studio album ‘Jesus Piece’.

Game introduced the video saying, “You all know what it is. It’s Game. Hurricane. The song is ‘Celebration’, produced by SAP and Cool & Dre, featuring the homies Lil Weezy, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Tyga. We’re gonna be out here all day just having fun. The video is a little bit reminiscent of ‘Like A G Thang’. I wanted people to come and really be having a good time. You know, eating, playing ball, having fun, a little drank, a little smoke. Kids will be out here. Good time, man.”

Matt Alonzo described his gameplan stating, “I really wanted to show what the artists life were like away from the stage and limelight and all that stuff. That’s kind of what we captured here today. Barbeque, real life stuff… It’s a nice, relaxed day. We’ve got a nice audience here. Saturday, nice audience is here, chilling, the sun’s out. It couldn’t be better.”

After the shoot rapped up on the third day, Matt said, “Crazy, crazy video. Crazy three days of shooting. I’m done, I’m tired. It’s now time to go to the editing board and start cutting stuff up.”

Watch the footage via YouTube below.

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