Game & Joe Budden Squash Beef; Game Declares Himself Victor

G-Unit’s Game contacted after being photographed with rival at the Hyypnotiq Party with DJ Clue and Fabolous on Wednesday night (August 16). Game wrote in, “I’m [in] N.Y. cause my Black Wallstreet team was playin Fat Joe’s Terror Squad in the championship game at The Rucker (we lost by 2). I went out to Clue’s party knowin I might catch Joe there to see wassup with all this bullsh** he yellin. I get in the club and Clue shouts me out ( is in the buildin’). I was 25 deep so it whatten ever gone be no problem on my end, I’m good wherever I’m at! Before I could get comfortable in V.I.P. the bitch that puts all the money behind Joe, Webb tells me that Joe wants to come over & holla. Since me & Webb good I agreed. Joe comes over and let’s me know he don’t want no drama. I seen it in his eyes homie, and anytime a man comes up to me and pleads his innocence I will accept my victory and keep it movin’. We all know he didn’t want know street problems and he promised that he will never speak G-Unit’s name in vein again, so I decided to squash it. Say what you will, at the end of the day I win, he won’t sell any albums, plus I got smaller bitches to fry… Bang Em’ Smurfette & Homonation. If you ridin’ witt me lets roll if not sit back and watch me take over.”

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