Gay Hip Hop A Revolutionary Act

Toure of the New York Times profiled Caushun, a 25-year-old openly gay rapper from the same neighborhood as Biggie Smalls, with flippy wrists, a gay twang and a flow that is liquid and cool and ready for the big time. He wants to be hip hop’s homosexual Jackie Robinson. “He’s going to open up discussion about one of the last acceptable prejudices,” said his manager, Ivan Matias. “With homosexuals having so much influence over hip-hop from behind the scenes, it’s time that they had a voice.” Caushun said, “Look, I’m keepin’ it real. Don’t let me find out that I’m keepin’ it too real for hip hop. Should that be the name of my album? `Too Real for Hip Hop’?” Look for Caushun’s debut ‘Shock And Awe’ to drop at the end of June on Baby Phat Records.

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