General Steele Releasing ‘Amerikkka’s Nightmare Part 2 – Children Of War’

General Steele 'Amerikkka's Nightmare Part 2 - Children Of War'

General Steele of Smif N Wessun is set to release his new album ‘Amerikkka’s Nightmare Part 2 – Children Of War’ on February 23rd via Bucktown USA Ent/Duck Down Music in Honor of Black History Month.

‘Amerikkka’s Nightmare Part 2’ highlights change that must occur in America. General Steele states: “America the beautiful has an ugly past. It is the people who live in this great country who have struggled relentlessly to establish this country under the basic common human and constitutional rights that all people should have. These rights have at times been suppressed and our vision of a “land of the free” has been compromised. Some people are complacent with the state of our nation, others are speaking out.”

Watch an expose of Artists & Community Activists living in America who express their views on the current situation of America below and check out the album track listing after the cut.

Amerikkka’s Nightmare Part 2 – Children Of War Track Listing:
1) Amerikkka’s Nightmare
2) Pledge Allegiance ft Nicole Michelle
3) Cry Freedom ft Dead Prez
4) Tomorrows Children ft Flood Diesel
5) I Had A Vision ft Louie Skaggs, Hasaan Salaam, Akir, Louie Skaggs and Hicoup
6) Child Of War
7) State Of The Union Address
8) We on The Move Now ft Nicole Michelle
9) Amerikkkan skemin
10)Home of The Brave (Jimmy’s song)
11)Patriot Games
12)Rebellious ft Madison Rocks

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