Getting Back To The ROOT Of HipHop

When I look back on how HipHop used to be you know what the difference is? Sure it was less bling and less commercial but at the heart of it-we were closer to those artists. Before CDs and video rotation and VH1 specials we had to actually go to the concert to see our favorite artists. Those artists became parts of our life memories-cuz I can sure remember going to the concert, what I wore, shoot I still have those corny pixs we took at the photo booths. We have personal relationships with them, whereas today..the artist is just a face on the tv and real intimacy(sitting on the 3rd row) is replaced with this faux “insider” peek into their lives on shows like Behind the Music and E Hollywood Story. JayZ MSG concert made an imprint on his fans lives just like LL and Doug E have made imprints on mine. Unless artists get back to those roots-connecting with the fans..then rap will never be what it was. It will continue to be a popularity, bling and material thing contest that lasts 5 seconds in the viewers mind before they get bored and look for the next new thing.

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