Ghostface Killah Warns Men Not To Get Caught Up In Love

Killah checked in with his Twitter followers (@GhostfaceKillah) earlier today, offering his opinion on men who get caught up in love. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper writes:

Certain muthafu**as g, is weak muthafu**as. Like they might love too much and be so much in love that they say love is blind, you can’t see.

Nahmean, they just fall and dwell on it. Sick all day. They just caught up in love. It’s good to love but not to be IN IN IN LOVE.

Because you can’t SEE. Once you all in that sh** sometimes you gotta be able to step out and be like WHOA!

Check this out this is a crazy world right here. Its a good thing and a bad thing. But when it come to the fact that say for instance, if your bitch fu**ed on you and you know that bitch might’ve made the best love to you or whatever whatever whatever and its gonna have you buggin out like you ready to kill a bitch or even start smokin. A bitch’ll lead you to start start smokin nigga if you ain’t strong enough.

Before you know it you on the rock my nigga. You hittin that muthafu**in pipe because of the bitch got you like that and sh**.

But yo thats a weak excuse for a REAL man son. Cause these bitches AIN’T OUR BITCHES Son!

We ain’t they fathers man. We just rentin these bitches right now. Nah mean it’s like Rent-A-Center.

We like Yo, you my girl you my girl she said you my man you my man. But you don’t own that bitch like that G.

And I know we spend a lot of money on these bitches and thinkin that we own these bitches and all that but at any given Sunday man these chicks could just leave and say I don’t want you no more and flip the script on you. Nahmean. I know to some niggas man, a few niggas done killed theyselves over bitches man. Niggas done went crazy, never been the same again. Niggas eatin sh** out the garbage cans because they the only thing they had was that bitch and they loved them so much. It just bugged them out to the fullest. They can’t even get they mind straight no more. Niggas don’t even dress the same no more. Niggas swagger ain’t the same no more. Over a bitch g!

And I’m sorry for calling y’all bitches baby cause I love all y’all chicks man. Nahmean Fat skinny man ugly ones green ones I love y’all all.

It’s just what we be sayin n sh** so just incase Oprah sees my tweets don’t start shoutin me out. Nah mean, this is real talk right here baby

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