God Loves Ugly Tour In D.C.

Contributed by Bunny:

The Show consisted of performances by Atmosphere (Slug, Mr. Dibbs, and Blueprint) and Living Legends member Murs, with a short performance by Educated Consumers and Brother Ali. This was a well delivered show. Educated Consumers were alright, but I can’t say that Brother Ali’s performance was to my liking but it didn’t really matter at the end when Slug, Murs and Blueprint took the stage and served the audience of D.C some good old solid hip hop. The line was crazy and the place was packed.

Slug and Murs ripped the mic w/ their tunes from their compillation EP album tittled:
” Felt: A tribute to Christina Ricci” and Murs performed some of the tracks in his EP tittled:

” Varsity Blues” Blueprint of course laid out some incredible rhymes that left the aduience bouncing and waiving their arms in the air. He for sure has some ill lyrics.

Slug made an excellent performance and in the middle of the show jumped in the crowd to make sure that everyone was jumping around. Murs?, well Murs is Murs and he “rules the world”

It was a great show, where it only cost $12 and the performances lasted almost 2 and half hours. It was definitely worth my money. I hadn’t seen so many people enjoy a hip hop show like last night in a while. The performances were outstanding.

I’d recommend you all go check out these sites, and get in what’s going on with the real hip hop out there.

Go check out these fellas , when they come to a venue near you! Peace.

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