Gorilla Zoe Promises ‘Don’t Feed The Animals’ Will Be Bigger Than Debut

DJBooth.net caught up with in an audio interview, where the Bad Boy rapper discussed his upcoming project ‘Don’t Feed the Animals’, and if he thought there was something he could have done to make a bigger impact on his debut ‘Welcome to the Zoo’. “No, I really don’t, because if the first time around everything would’ve went skyrocket, if you ever seen any artist who blew [up] their first time around, they can’t come back the second time,” Zoe explained. “I mean, once you’ve made it to the moon, where else you gonna go, Jupiter? You already made it to outer space, you’ve peaked. After you peak, there’s nowhere to go but down. That was my first album, I’m very [happy] about it; I sold more digital downloads on single than anybody at [Warner or Atlantic], so, I mean, people liked the music that they heard. And a lot of people didn’t know my album was out, so, you know, I’m happy with the success of it. I just know where I’m goin’ this time, and this is gonna be bigger.”

The transcript and audio at djbooth.net have since been removed.

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