Grandmaster Flash Saddened By Lack Of DJ Prominence chatted with hip-hop’s pioneer DJ , and asked him about how the MC has in recent years taken the crown away from DJ’s in hip hop. “The DJ played an extremely important role for setting the atmosphere before the MCs would come on,” he explained. “A lot of people in the media fail to realize that if they don’t teach people where this comes from, they’ll never know. It saddens me that kids who are into rock’n’roll know the Rolling Stones and Elvis. They know where rock’n’roll came from. But in hip-hop, the masses don’t really know that in 1971, hip-hop was created by a DJ. If Herc didn’t do that, we might not have this. There are only a handful of us who still have our prominence, like Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, Funk Master Flex, Qbert and myself. Maybe two handfuls that have real prominence, yet there are thousands of MCs who have prominence, and that saddens me.”

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