Guns Vs. God – A Hip-Hop Dilemma

Contributed by AdamBernard:

We see it all the time in Hip-Hop. Take a look at the liner notes of the most recent rap album you purchased, any one will do. Who gets thanked first in those liner notes? God, of course. Now put that CD into your CD player and press play. What’s the one thing that’s noticeably absent from the album as a whole? God, of course. In the liner notes He comes first, but on the album He comes far after guns, drugs, alcohol, women, money, rims, and even custom fitted platinum grill pieces, and that’s if He comes at all. So the question is if God is so important to you how come He gets just as many mentions as the dude who gives you your weekly trim at the barber shop (who’s also thanked in a lot of album liner notes)? For the full story, visit

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